Top iPhone Craps Australia

Craps has been popular for centuries, and may have even been used by Roman Legions as a way to pass the time. Its simple rules make it easy to learn, but its complex outcomes make it so fascinating that it is almost impossible to stop playing. Once you’ve tried it you’re sure to be hooked as well, and there are some great versions to enjoy on the iPhone-compatible Australian casinos we review. Before you start your playing adventures, check out our pointers below.

Craps Beginners Guidelines

In traditional offline Craps games, dice are thrown onto a table by a player. Before they are rolled the player puts down money on where the dice will land. The action of throwing the dice is beautifully simulated in mobile Australian casinos with Random Number Generation, which also ensures complete fairness.

Each round is divided into two stages, known as the Come Out Phase and the Point Phase. Areas of the playing table are demarcated according to the different wagers that they represent. The central area is for Proposition Bets, and the left and right areas are for the other wagers including Pass/Don’t Pass Bets, Come/Don/t Come Bets and Odds Bets.

There are over forty possible game outcomes, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by this. You will soon be familiar with the basics and will enjoy getting to know the game intricacies as you play more. The more insight you have, the more immersive your playing experiences on your iPhone will be.

Beginners Strategy Advice for Craps Players

It’s true that almost every mobile Australian casino game has a house edge, but the one in Craps is especially steep and you will need to be very shrewd every time you place your bets. Several strategies have been developed, and you can research them all and find resources to help you develop them all on your iPhone. This will help you evolve your own style quickly, but in the meantime we’ve put some general pointers together here.

Firstly, try and establish a betting pattern as soon as possible and then try to stick to it. One of the good things about this game is that the best course of action is also the one that is most intuitive, so you should raise the stakes when you are winning and lower them when you are losing. You should also never quite straight after a win.

The best Craps wagers for you to place are the Come/Don’t Come and Pass/Don’t Pass Bets, which give you a 50/50 hance of doubling up and carry a relatively low House Edge of 1.41 %. Odds Bets are also a good idea, and carry an even lower House Advantage. You need to place one of the Line Bets before you can place an Odds Bet, and you might not be able to play for as long, but they are still options deserving serious consideration.

There are also some wagers that you really need to stay away from, including Hard Way, Bg6/Big 8 and Field Bets, that all carry huge real odds and cause massive House Marl-ups. At all costs, no matter how tempting the payout is, avoid Proposition Bets as their House Edge is a whopping 16%

Start Playing Craps on your iPhone

Your Craps journey will be a lifelong one, and the more time you spend on the game, the more insight you will gain and the more you will refine your strategy. Start playing for free or real money today by visiting some of the great mobile Australian casinos we have reviewed that show off craps in the best possible light on your iPhone.